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Misc. Small charts for sock tops, etc.
  "Think Spring!"

If you are knitting this from the ribbing down on a sock you will need to flip it over so the flowers end up right side up on your leg. (the numbers and letters refer to the use with the Speed Selector Set,  now the magic needle selector wand)

March Chart this is a teen's suggested color chart for a march wind head band entitled "Easter Egg Stripe" it carries three colors in some rows, but that is the way she wanted it.

Aprils pattern is "Rosebud" it can be inverted so that instead of the smaller flowers being back to back, they alternate with the larger ones.

MAY! Okay, May is not a color pattern, but don't you think of lace knitting in the spring? I knit this up the front of a cotton/linen sock and it worked great!  This is a simple column of alternating eyelets flanked by two colums of 1 by 1 cables-easy.
*The curved arrows are the 1 by1 cables.
*The triangles are the laddered up sts (purled if you are hand knitting)
*The dark arrows and accompanying empty rectangle are the transferred stitches and resulting eyelet hole.

June Color Pattern "Hot Sox" Even though you can still use needle selectors  for this pattern, it is a little more challenging because it has some pattern rows with 3 colors in a row. I am using this on a band for a pair of socks because the colors are so warm...will redo this chart with selector numbers someday.