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Rock 'n Roll!   ©Catherine Goodwin 2005

     This chart  is 48 stitches wide (two 24 stitch charts taped together, two swipes of the needle wand for each row) so it could be knit across the chest or on a pillow. I don't exactly know why I wanted to write this phrase in knitting, maybe I just wanted to fool around with the backward letter thing, or maybe it is from spending too much time in Nashville dancing, or maybe it is a mid-life crisis thing....anyway.

      I used every setting and every lighting possible with my camera, but dark multi-colors don't show up well on  a light knitted background in a photo. In real life, the letters are a stand-out, rich looking funky green, purple, blue, etc, on a creamy background, the effect reminding me of a "Velvet Elvis". This variegated boucle is Lion Brand's ____(oh, I lost the label)   and although it is "snatchy- grabby" on the needle hooks if knit straight on the machine, it does fine when hand manipulated individually, such as in this color pattern knitting.