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March Chart--a One-Egg Basket (copyright 1999Catherine Goodwin see notice below)


  This silly little knitted easter basket can hold one just one egg! (The picture doesn't do it justice, even the guys I showed it to thought it was cute) Very quick to make up out of Peaches and Cream cotton (using KP 4), it was photographed with a farm fresh raw egg (I love to live dangerously!) Below is the chart (with distorted colors, but this cotton comes in perfect pastel easter shades of pale green, pink and lilac) The chart represents the entire basket. 


To knit, Cast on 18 stitchs with a very loose e-wrap cast on (this will make the rim of the basket look more rim-like) Knit according to the chart. On last row, decrease 4 sts across row, and draw the tail through the stitches to remove from needle. Draw up the bottom, leaving the tail ends from the fair isle pattern dangling down through the bottom hole for the tassle, sew up the side. Make a handle for the basket by crocheting, braiding or I-cord.