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Worsted Weight Cotton Page: Two Sweaters using Peaches and Creme (by Elmore Pisgah yarns) 

 Wren's Cotton T-shirt Sweater Pattern 

This pattern was contributed by Wren, Wren, are you out there?

Gauge:15 sts and 22 rows for 4"swatch using KP3 and Peaches and Cream worsted
weight cotton yarn (It used about 1 1/2 cones that are 840 yds each, so about
1200 yds)
Size: XL finished chest is 50" to allow for shrinkage.

CO 104 sts.
Work 10 rows WY. RC 000
Work lace pattern(*see note at bottom) if you are using it. Otherwise,
continue as follows:
Knit straight to row 84.
BO 10 sts each edge for armhole shaping.
Knit straight to row 130. Take off onto WY.

Work the same as for back until row 110.
Place center 20 sts on stitch holder or WY.
*BO 2 sts on neck edge EOR* twice.
Then *BO 1 st on neck edge EOR* twice.
Knit straight on shoulders (26 sts each) until row 130.
Take off onto stitch holders or WY.

Knit from the bottom up if using lace pattern other wise they can be knit from
the shoulders down attachied to the body.
CO 70 sts.
Knit 10 rows WY. RC 000
Work lace pattern otherwise, continue as follows:
Knit straight increasing 1 st each end on every 4th row.
until row 24. (you will have 82 sts on needles now)
Knit straight for 12 more rows.
Remove unto WY or stitch holder.

Knit the shoulder seams together (26 sts on each shoulder), only one side if
you are ribbing the neckline on the ISM. Rehang the neckline sts and rib.
Attach sleeves, being sure to catch the open stitches on the WY or holder.
Kitchner st up the sides and sleeve seam. Enjoy!

I did a row of single crochet around the neckline and the bottom of the body
and sleeves were already finished off because of the lace pattern. If you
choose not to do the lace you will need to finish the bottom edges off with
either ribbing, crochet, or possibly even a pretty edging. 

*Lace pattern: I used the lace pattern posted under "Lavender Cardigan" on the Bond List Thoughts at Steph's Site. (editors note: this pattern is no longer posted, however this is a classic hand-knit lace edging and not hard to translate to machine knitting)  The lace pattern is about 3 inches deep so you will have to compensate for this length with extra rows or ribbing if you choose to not use the lace.



Fair Isle Mesh Yoke Summer Catherine Goodwin, Pattern Pending<g> (will post pattern here when I get my notes together and my garden moving along )....the idea here was to use a readily available cotton yarn that is a bit on the heavy side and make it cooler by making a "mesh" yoke and sleeves. The yoke and sleeves are actually mock ribbing. The Fair Isle design is from April's Free color chart The hem is a double over mock rib, the neckline is 1x1 rib and the sleeve hem is a double hem. The yarn is peaches and creme- creme, violet and pink, the fuschia cotton is from a mystery ball. 

Things I learned: the yoke is indeed cool, but needs to be little shorter, the double mock hem does hang well, but the double hem on the sleeves causes them to bell, I feel silly in it, but some say it is a "pretty and feminine effect" (nope, that's not me) For me, it would be better with a standard rib ending after the fair isle. When doing fair isle with this heavy of cotton, you can't use the intarsia kp, and have to make sure that you don't catch the floats from the previous row in the current row. The chart for this sweater can be found on the free charts page.