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Multiple Adjustable Latch Tool  
This handy tool allows you to reform (convert to purl) multiple stitches across the row of manual knitting machines.

Completely adjustable for any configuration of knit to purl. 
Use two latches to double your ribbing speed, or reform up to 6 stitches at a time for garter stitch, seed stitch, textured motifs, cable 
columns or plain or fancy ribbings.

The tool is handcrafted wood (not plastic) and comes with a detailed and illustrated instruction booklet and charts. 

The transfer portion of the tool can be configured for various lace transfers. (see here)

(click here for "see it in motion" pictures of the latch tool being used)

Now comes in four sizes: 

6.5mm (for LK150™) 

7mm for Artisan™, Brother KX350™ or Elite 

8mm for BOND™ Classic, ISM or USM.